About Us

About Our Company:

ScreenPlay, Your Apparel Decorating Partner, is a strictly contract, wholesale, ASI Decorator in Orem, Utah. The business was established in 1989. There are 4 main specialty areas: screen-printing, embroidery, pad printing, and heat transfer applications. We work with the largest and best Promotions companies from all around the United States. Screenplay is the largest screenprinter in Utah and the largest contract-only screenprinter in the Intermountain West.

Over the last year, Screenplay has increased its capacity from ~25,000 pieces per week to over 150,000 pieces per week. We are continually expanding as our current clients expand their business. Since we are the “service-arm” for our customers we find that we can grow our business by simply having the capacity to serve our customers and then give them a superior product in a timely manner. We specialize in fast turnarounds, and in making sure that all jobs get done correctly and on time. We can handle high and low volume orders at wholesale pricing.

Our contract-only business model allows us to take over many “mom & pop shops” simply by offering them an alternative to doing all of the printing work themselves and through expanded services. Thus, many shops simply turn over their decorating services to Screenplay and concentrate on the sales. In addition, we are constantly looking for expansion opportunities to expand the capacity of the services that we offer. We have found that our existing customer base quickly swallows up every bit of capacity that we add, without expending any time or money in expanding our customers.

The greatest asset that Screenplay has is its proprietary online order entry and job tracking system. This allows for Screenplay and the customer to work seamlessly from anywhere in the country. Customers can enter a job, have the product drop-shipped to Screenplay for decorating, track and monitor the job and have the job drop-shipped directly to their customer—all without ever coming to the shop. This in turn also allows Screenplay to schedule jobs at various locations depending upon where the end-customer is located. The next wave of expansion will be in regional Screenplay shops strategically located throughout the country. Regional shops will allow Screenplay to reach the end-users (our customer’s customers) in 1 day. This will significantly expand the opportunities for Screenplay into some very profitable regions.

Our Wholesale Business Philosophy:

We only do business with authorized ScreenPlay distributors in the state of Utah. Businesses who qualify as distributors of our services include: ASI Distributors, promotional, manufacturing, embroidery, and sales based companies that sub out their printing, embroidery, graphic design, and embellishing. We are not competitors to non-wholesale screen-printing companies, and so we often act as a backup for them as well. We do not do business with direct customers, which allows us to act more like a partner than a competitor.

We take great pride in our ability to come through for our customers. We treat every job as if we were going to use the things we are printing, and we do all of this as efficiently and quickly as possible. We have created systems that make our services predictable and consistent, which provide the end customer with the same quality experience every time they place an order.